2/24/18 at Flushing Town Hall

The 2018 Charcuterie Masters Festival and Awards Ceremony takes place at Flushing Town Hall on February 24 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The best of the best charcuterie artisans from the U.S. and Canada—makers of sausages, patés, hams, salumi, and more—vie for top honors at the third annual Charcuterie Masters. Attendees will enjoy unlimited tasting of more than 60 kinds of charcuterie, including exquisite prosciutto from Cesare Casella and sumptuous Portuguese Alentejano ham from Rodrigo Duarte who will also be doing a butchery demonstration of this forerunner to the pig that produces Spain’s famed jamon de pata negra. Guests will have a chance to meet the charcutiers as well as taste exquisite dishes prepared by top NYC chefs, including Pitmaster Josh Bowen of Queens’ very own John Brown Smokehouse. Pairings will include beer from Long Island City’s Fifth Hammer as well as wine and cider. VIP guests will have access to the festival one hour earlier and a chance to enjoy exclusive selections from Muncan Food Corp.

A $65 general admission ticket entitles guests to explore unlimited tasting and sampling of all food and beverages. Additionally, there will be $125 VIP tickets sold, which will allow access to a special hour from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. enabling VIP guests to enjoy early access to the entire festival as well as exclusive selections from Astoria’s very own old world charcutier Muncan Food Corp.

Guests will have an opportunity to savor charcuterie, learn from the creators as well as participate in a People’s Choice Vote of the “best of the event” charcuterie as well as have the opportunity to purchase charcuterie directly at the event. 

Charcuterie Masters 2018 is a landmark event for new, interested and seasoned charcutiers competing for the Charcuterie Masters Crown; judged by an incredibly talented judges panel.  


There are twelve (12) categories: 


1) Whole Muscle
2) Fermented Sausage
3) Dry Cured Sausage / Salami
4) Country Ham / Jamon / Prosciutto
5) Bacon - Cold Smoked
6) Bacon - Hot Smoked
7) Bacon - Green (Unsmoked)
8) Emulsified (Mortadella, Hot Dogs, Bologna)
9) Fat (Salo, Lardo, Whipped Lardo)
10) Pate, Terrine, Galantine
11) N'duja
12) Freestyle (Crossovers/Creatives)

Click here to download a Call for Entries form for Professional             and  Amateur              competition.


Guests will have an opportunity to savor charcuterie, learn from the creators as well as participate in a People’s Choice Vote of the “best of the event” charcuterie as well as have the opportunity to purchase charcuterie directly at the event. 

If you are interested in traveling into the U.S. to exhibit a product we recommend this link.


Mathieu Boulad

Matt Bennet (Sybaris Bistro)

Colby Bergeron

Kegan Berry

Antonio Fiasce (Nduja Artisans Salumeria)

Jim Chlebowski

Jorge Cordero (Urban Butcher)

Rodrigo Duarte (Caseiro e Bom)

Timothy Foley (Le District)

Gerard Franciosa

Travis Gervasio (Gastros)

A.O. Giarratana

Will Horowitz (Ducks Eatery / Harry & Ida’s)

Les Trois Petits Cochons

Dan Kovacevic (Europa Charcuterie)

Matt Levere (Peppercorn Deli)

George Logue (Herman & Luthers)

Derek Luhowiak (The Whole Ox)

Ashbell Mcelveen

Alec Mikhaylov (Alef Sausage)

Bill Miner (il Porcellino Salumi)

Chad Nelan (Elevation Charcuterie and Artisan Meats)

Jon Newman (Elkmont Exchange)

Don Pace

Jack Peele (JACüTERIE)

Oliver Perkins (A Small Good)

Jean-Simon Petit (Petit Charcutier)

George Turkette (Turchetti's Salumeria)

Giuseppe Viterale (Ornella Trattoria)

Josef Wantschik

Chef Mark Elia (Hudson Valley Sausage Company)


Ken Blanchette (Director of Quality Control, Fresh Direct)
Josh Bowen (Pitmaster, John Brown Smokehouse)
Marc Buzzio (President, Salumeria Biellese)
Chef Cesare Casella (Dean of Italian Studies, International Culinary Center)
Nathan Colello Gilmour (President, Ovoka)
Cristiano Creminelli (Founder, Creminelli Fine Meats)
Bob Del Grosso (Culinary Instructor, Drexel University)
Aurelien Dufour (Chef, Master Charcutier & Owner of Dufour Gourmet)
Rino Mini (President, Galvanina)
Michael Pardus (Chef, Culinary Instructor at The Culinary Institute of America)
Brian Polcyn (Chef and co-author of “Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing”)
Francine Segan (Food Historian, Public Speaker & Author)
Jeremy Stanton (Founder,  Fire Roasted Catering)
Joseph Vitale (Founder,  Italpasta)
Jeffrey Weiss (Chef and author of “Charcutería: The Soul of Spain”) 

Tiziana Primori (CEO, FICO)

IMG_2993 Rubs Within bacon wrapped ribs
IMG_3029 Dickson's Farmstand duck galantine
IMG_2989 Ends Meat NYC quadriceps
IMG_3039 Root beer syrup
IMG_3037 Elevation salami
IMG_3035 West Loop salumi nduja
IMG_3031 Hudson Valley Charcuterie pate
IMG_3024 Rodrigo Duarte cutting jamon
IMG_3021 Brooklyn Cider House bone dry hard cider
IMG_3019 Tarentaise Vermont alpine cheese
IMG_2986 Ends Meat NYC
IMG_2987 Ends Meat NYC Lonza
IMG_3005 Bridport Creamery Colby cheese
IMG_3003 Bridport Creamery mustard seed cheese
IMG_2997 Ducks Eatery smoked alpaca
IMG_3012 Smoking Goose Meatery lamb sausage
Charcuterie Masters

Charcuterie Masters