Brooklyn Cider House, Featured Craft Cider Producer at The Great Northeast Cheese & Dairy Fest

In Brooklyn, before it was called Brooklyn, people drank cider there. It wasn’t like wine, it wasn’t like Scotch, it was more like water. It was a thirst quencher for the worker as well as what the founding father drank with breakfast.

Brooklyn Cider House lives in Brooklyn, by way of Korea and Europe, but first fell for hard cider in the Basque Country, where it flows freely from giant casks.

Between sips and spirited conversation, they experienced a beautiful and uncanny connection between the forgotten early American and the vibrant Basque cider traditions and knew they had to bring that home.

So, these cider lovers quit their jobs and went apple picking, literally.

Brookyn Cider House’s orchard is located in New Paltz, the heart of the Hudson Valley, and their ciders are made only once a year using fresh, in season, handpicked apples. Never chaptalized or acidified, Brooklyn Cider House believes in minimal intervention. Preferring to let Mother Nature take its course and not rush the cider making process.

To sample & purchase Brooklyn Cider House's award-winning NYS craft cider, please join us at The Great Northeast Cheese & Dairy Fest on December 10th! For event details and to purchase tickets, please visit here.

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