The Great Northeast Cheese & Dairy Fest Featured Producer: Cowbella Dairy Products (Jefferson, N

Cowbella Dairy Products is joining us at The Great Northeast Cheese Fest on Saturday, December 10th!

In their own wonderful words: "Creams really do come true for family members of the Danforth Jersey Farm, founded by our ancestors in 1817 and nestled in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY.

Truly a throwback to old-fashioned living, the 40 cow Jersey dairy is home to the 5th, 6th, and 7th generations of Danforths to have grown up and live on the farm. Family is at the heart of everything we do on our farm- from our calves' first moo to the butter, milk, kefir, and yogurt we make for you, one of us has worked to make it happen.

Even our pasture grazed cows are treated as extended family, and we use only the milk from our own cows to make our Cowbella products. The butter and yogurt we produce is made right here on the farm and we use only the most pure and natural ingredientsavailable- our maple syrup comes from our neighbors, and our fruit we buy locally and process by hand.

Love is always our main ingredient, and we believe in making food for you the way that we make it for our own family: using only simple, wholesome ingredients that make both your stomach and your soul feel good."

To sample & purchase Cowbella's dreamy product line, please join us at The Great Northeast Cheese & Dairy Fest on December 10th! For event details and to purchase tickets, please visit here.

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