The Great Northeast Cheese & Dairy Fest Featured Producer: Lively Run Dairy (Interlaken, NY - Fi

Located in New York's Finger Lakes region, Lively Run Dairy is one of the longest operating commercial goat dairies in the country, beginning production in New York in 1982 and pioneering goat cheese in the American marketplace.

The current owners of Lively Run, the Messmer family, took over operations in 1995, after Steve Messmer was discharged from military service and brought his family back from Europe in the early 1990s.

In 2014, Lively Run introduced three new cow’s milk cheeses adding to its already diverse array of goat’s milk cheeses.

The entire Messmer family and Lively Run staff works to continue the mission of bringing healthy, sustainable, and delicious cheese reminiscent of the cheese they enjoyed while living in Germany and France to the growing Finger Lakes region.

To sample & purchase Lively Run Dairy's goat and cow cheeses, please join us at The Great Northeast Cheese & Dairy Fest on December 10th! For event details and to purchase tickets, please visit here.

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